Occasional and Random Musings from Chincoteague

Browsing in the Era of the Web

Those of us who enjoy reading the old fashioned way do so in part because we love browsing. We roam the shelves of bookstores and libraries across the land, awaiting that small moment of surprise, curiosity and intrigue that tells us that we may have found an exciting new reading adventure. Browsing is different from… Read More »Browsing in the Era of the Web

Soul of Chilly Winds

Chilly Winds readers know how important music is to the book, and to Taz Blackwell, the book’s principal character. Taz is a musician himself, and musical scenes and settings are important markers in his life and in his community.

Bye by blog

We understood that when AI finally took over, we would be confronted by hyper-intelligent robots or chess-playing programs that had somehow overleapt