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“In this highly engaging first novel Yeager draws on his vast international and local environmental experience as both a citizen activist and senior government official to weave a tale of international intrigue with a surprising finale on Virginia’s eastern shore.   The story unfolds through powerfully crisp dialogue further spiced up with surprisingly relevant references to such esoterica as west Texas country music of the fifties.”
                                         ~ William Eichbaum, Former Senior Environmental Official in Pennsylvania, Maryland and the United States Department of the Interior

Image: American Fiction Awards Winner - chilly winds a chincoteague intrigue by Brooks Yeager

Taz Blackwell, former environmental negotiator and now a trouble-seeking drinker and romantic charmer, tries to find a new life and love against a backdrop of espionage, corporate plunderers and devious diplomats.

Escaping a failed marriage, Taz has moved to the island of Chincoteague on Virginia’s Atlantic Coast, where he explores friendships with a cast of small-town misfits and romance with a beautiful but wary divorcee. Meanwhile, he fights a corporate land-grab of a traditional black community on the shore and a shady billion-dollar mining play in the international Arctic.

Why is a Chinese mining conglomerate stealing the land underneath a traditional black community on Virginia’s eastern shore? Why is the Russian Ambassador to Iceland trying to open southern Greenland to mining? Why does Taz interest the ambassador’s beautiful mistress?

The answers are in Chilly Winds, a tour-de-force that will appeal to mystery lovers, adventure addicts and espionage fans everywhere.    Visit the places in Chilly Winds, here.

Available in the following formats:
Softcover     978-1-64663-228-2
Ebook           978-1-64663-229-9
Hardcover    978-1-64663-230-5

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