Soul of Chilly Winds

Chilly Winds readers know how important music is to the book, and to Taz Blackwell, the book’s principal character. Taz is a musician himself, and musical scenes and settings are important markers in his life and in his community.

Which is why I’m very excited to introduce a new element to my author’s webpage — a compilation of the music that Taz plays, listens to, and which surrounds the story.

The extraordinary idea of putting this compilation together was the inspiration of one of my best friends of many years, Jane Lyder, with the help of her husband, Alan Palisoul. I thank them with all my heart.

You can access the full compilation by clicking the Spotify sound icon on the right upper corner or scrolling down the page. In addition, at the urging of my wonderful partner Cindy, I’m going to highlight individual tunes from the compilation on the site.  When I can, I’ll include an appropriate video. So watch — no, listen to — this space! Good times ahead.

And thanks again for your interest.